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Tooth Whitening in Premier Dental Clinic

Want a fast, remarkably noticeable extreme cosmetic dentistry makeover solution that will make your smile years younger? The brilliant white smile you’ll get from teeth whitening treatments at PDC can do just that! Banish years of discoloration caused by aging, smoking, medication, coffee, tea, or soda and achieve a whiter smile starting in as little as one visit!

Achieving a gorgeous, white smile is as simple as making one initial appointment with one of our Dentists or even Hygienist. Home tooth whitening is fast, easy and you will be proud to flash your brilliantly white new smile!

Different types of tooth whitening;

Of course, we all have heard of different types of tooth whitening and Home bleaching, office bleaching (Chair side bleaching, Zoom, Laser bleaching etc.)

These are the two main types of bleaching. We can offer both types however, we only recommend Home bleaching. This is due to the dehydration effect office bleaching has on our teeth. During one hour session of office bleaching, teeth are exposed to higher concentration of bleaching agents and heat (created by UV light or laser to increase the speed of bleaching process). As a side effect, the enamel will dehydrate and look exceptionally white. Unfortunately, this white shade is very temporary as it is the dehydration! Often office bleaching is backed up by home bleaching and the actual bleaching effect is from the home bleaching!

We mainly recommend home bleaching at premier dental clinic. This has following advantages;

  1. Lower concentration of chemicals (hydrogen or Carbamide peroxide)
  2. Bleaching effect over longer period of time
  3. Less sensitivity
  4. Deeper and more long-lasting bleaching effect
  5. Cheaper cost

The process for home bleaching starts with an examination by dentist or hygienist to establish good periodontal health (healthy gums) and also absence of open or active caries lesions (cavities).

Following initial examination, impression is taken to produce custom made bleaching trays by our lab. Pictures and initial shade taking can be done at this stage too.

Bleaching trays will be tried and fitted on second appointment. Suitable concentration of gels will be given and shown how to apply. The whitening can be done either during the day (90 minutes once/day) or night (all through the night) for 2 weeks.

Final review will be done to confirm satisfactory outcome.

Side effect/complications;

Most common side effect is sensitivity in the teeth (from cold sensitivity or in extreme cases occasional shooting pain). Luckily all these sensitivities are temporary and will completely disappear once the active bleaching fase is stopped.

Often Sensodyne tooth paste or other de-sensitizers can help reducing symptoms.

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Dr. Afshin Louie

People Say

Have always had a phobia about dentists but I must say all the staff at Premier was Absolutely Fabulous made me feel at ease. Was surprised at how much work needed to be done with absolutely no pain at all would recommend to anybody that is nervous or who is looking for a a great dentist can't recommend them enough also great prices

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